10 bad habits that are serious threats to your oral health!

You will be surprised to learn about the simple behaviours that can have a devastating impact on your oral health…

1. Chewing on ice

Although ice is 100% sugar-free, chewing on ice can easily damage your teeth- leading to chips and cracks in your tooth enamel!  The same goes for chewing on pens and pencils.

2. Contact sports

Not wearing an appropriate mouth guard whilst playing contact sport is highly risky as this activity is the leading cause of tooth loss among young people. It is important to select an appropriate mouth guard- a custom designed guard made to your unique specifications by a dentist will provide far better protection than a one-size-fits all or “boil and mould” mouth guard.

3. Baby Bottles

Putting your baby to bed with a bottle filled with anything but water puts them at serious risk of developing baby bottle tooth decay. This includes soft drink, juice, cordial and even milk!

4. Piercings

Tongue and lip piercings can cause teeth to chip and crack, wear away enamel and lead to gum deterioration. Piercings can also increase the risk of oral infections.

5. Grinding teeth

Clenching and grinding (also referred to as bruxism) can wear teeth down and in extreme cases can even lead to tooth loss.

6. Soft drink

Both high in sugar and enamel wearing acids, the consumption of soft drink can be a key contributor to tooth decay and acid wear. The same goes for sports and energy drinks, along with fruit juice and cordial.

7. Using your teeth as tools

Using your chompers to open packets, bottles and other items is a serious threat to your oral health, and can lead to chips, cracks and enamel wear.

8. Starchy foods

Chips, bread, pasta and other starchy foods if left in the mouth for more than 20 minutes can lead to acid wear.

9. Drinking teas and coffees

These highly coloured beverages are renowned for contributing to the discolouration of tooth enamel. The same goes for red wine and other highly coloured foods and beverages.

10. Smoking

Smoking cigarettes can have a devastating impact on both the health and appearance of your smile. Smoking has been shown to contribute to periodontal disease, oral cancer, dry socket, bad breath and tooth discolouration.

By avoiding these 10 bad habits you can support the development of a healthier more beautiful smile!

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