Children’s Dentistry

Help your child maintain their beautiful smile for life with comprehensive children’s dental care.

Dr Alex Down recommends that children visit his dental practice when their teeth first begin to come through or by two years of age- whichever comes first. These first visits are highly important as they help forge positive associations with the dentist and dental care from a young age, actively preventing the development of dental anxiety later in life, and also allow Dr Down to shape the healthy development of your child’s smile.

Top tips for maintaining your child’s oral health:

  • Never put your baby to bed with a bottle of sweetened drink! This includes milk, juice, cordial or soft drink as this can encourage the development of baby bottle tooth decay.
  • Primary (or baby teeth) matter! Even though they are lost mid-childhood to make way for adult teeth, these guide the development of your child’s smile and help save room in the jaw for adult teeth.
  • Make dental care fun! By forging positive associations with the dentist and oral care from a young age, you can help promote healthy oral habits for life.

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